Why you should support #TakeBackControl

What we're about and what we're doing

Take Back Control is coming to Plymouth, on May 13th at The Red House. Run and organised by local volunteers and not for profit, Take Back Control Plymouth is part of a series of events around the country that seek to bring together Leave and Remain voters to find common ground on issues that matter to everyone. Plymouth is a city often overlooked in the national story, but there are some amazing organisations and individuals doing a lot with very little. Plymouth has a strong DIY spirit and we want to celebrate that on the day.

We’ll be joined by the likes of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell of the Labour Party, Rachel Dobbs of LOW PROFILE, Nick Srnicek of Inventing the Future, Eleanor Penny and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media, Helen Hester of the University of West London, Chris Webb of Plymouth Argyle, Jo and Toby of Street Factory, Helen Williams of Stonehouse Action, Ray White formerly of Effervescent, Justin Pollard of Bread and Roses, Chris Hunt formerly of i-DAT, and many more besides. And to wrap it all up there’ll be music in the evening from Fantasy Orchestra, Diamond Family Archive and Zapoppin’.

Take Back Control Plymouth will feature an array of speakers and workshops, art and music, food and drink, football, radical portrait photography and face painting. Yes, face painting is what we’re most excited about too. We want to discuss where we go next as a country after Brexit, and table some bold and alternative suggestions to the well-trod mainstream of politics.

Why we need your help

One of our aims is to make this event open to the whole community and not just to those who are already politically engaged. However, in order to achieve this we will need your help for the following reasons:

We are committed to making sure TBC stays accessible for all. This means we won’t make enough money from ticket sales to cover the cost of the event.

The event is being run entirely by volunteers and is not for profit.

We are paying for the expenses of many grassroots activists who are working alongside us on the day.

What the donations will be spent on:

  • Venue hire day and evening
  • Sound engineers
  • Musicians
  • Crèche

As well as a range of tickets to cover all wallets, from unwaged to solidarity, we also have an allotted number of free tickets for people who cannot afford to otherwise pay. We want to give everyone the chance to come along.

How you can help and what you'll get from it

For £30 you can have a limited edition, print-on-demand unique letterpress to commemorate the day (see the image below). The piece is titled Take Back Control, a 32cm by 42cm three-colour letterpress print on high quality 300 gsm Somerset deckled paper, printed, signed and numbered by Alan Qualtrough of the Kiss & Bite Letterpress, Plymouth. Alan is studying for a masters at Plymouth College of Art, and is the former editor of The Herald Newspaper and The Western Morning News, and is concerned with issues of language, truth, media and representation. And accompanying each print you will also receive a handwritten letter of thanks, possibly with a short story that we’ll think up on the spot. There’ll be alien worlds, utopias and most certainly llamas. That much we can promise.

If you don’t want a print but would still like to support us, you also have the option of simply donating to us. As well as all this, every person who donates to us or purchases a print will be given the option upon request to have their name listed on our website at www.takebackrealcontrol.com, forever commemorated for bringing some light to a darkening world and keeping us off the streets and busy, right?

To get tickets: www.takebackrealcontrol.com

Facebook: TakeBackControlPlymouth

Twitter: Take Back Control #TAKEBACKCONTROL

Please donate what you can afford, right now, and let's Take Back Control.

11 Apr 2017

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