Life Not Money at the LSE - pay cuts now!

Why you should support Life Not Money at the LSE

The London School of Economics is an important public institution, which has a duty to intellectually and practically lead the way to towards a fairer society.

Life Not Money is a new campaign aimed at fixing the extreme inequality at public institutions such as the LSE, by taking money from the top guys and giving it to the workers who need it most.

LSE is currently being rocked by strikes and protests by its own cleaning staff. LSE cleaning staff are denied sufficient sick pay and holiday entitlement, they feel disrespected by their managers and are not treated with the dignity they deserve.

We think there is a clear solution to this problem. We are asking LSE executives, the director and future directors to take a small pay cut in order to release £100,000 to improve the pay and conditions of low paid workers such as the cleaners at LSE. The LSE’s cleaning staff work for hours before students and academic staff arrive at unsociable hours and on weekends, for meagre pay. This campaign goes some way to acknowledging cleaners for the contribution they make to maintaining the university’s high global standard.

£100,000 sounds like a lot to lose from the directors pay, but it would still leave those at the top with a salary in excess of £300,000. More than enough to cover the necessities of life required for someone of such social status.

LSE academics repeatedly conclude and demonstrate in various areas of research that this sort of extreme inequality leads to sub-optimal social outcomes.

Inspired by the success of the King’s College Climate Emergency campaign, we aim to misbehave. We will engage in an escalation of creative and peaceful civil disobedience.

Running such a campaign can be expensive and we need all the help we can get with this.

We are directly appealing to students and the general public to help us pay the costs of the campaign.

We desperately need any help you can give to help us cover the cost of materials, travel and other costs.

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We are aware that the LSE is willing to negotiate with the cleaners, and their union representation and we are happy to see progress on this in recent weeks. We are not and do not represent the cleaners themselves. If the negotiations do not satisfactorily meet the demands of cleaners, and they decide to continue with their campaign, we will start escalating our separate campaign in the LSE Summer Term.

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11 Apr 2017

Updates from Life Not Money at the LSE

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.