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Why you should support Bristol West Grassroots Participation Fund

At a packed Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting in early April, Bristol West members voted for 19 delegates to attend the Labour Party Conference. All the elected members stood on a platform for improving grassroots democracy in the Labour party - and in support of a socialist policy agenda, led by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

The delegation is the largest and most diverse delegation every sent to the Labour Party conference - with members from all six branches of Bristol West, from our Black and Ethnic Minority communities, LGBT+, disabled, young and old, pensioners and students. We have new members and those with experience.

The delegation has block booked cheap B&B accommodation (£30 per delegate) and will pool transport costs - but with Labour charging a £160 fee for each delegate we have to support our members on low income. We have some delegates who can afford to pay their delegation costs and others who cannot - and our CLP has only limited funds in this election year.

Sending a large delegation will mean a large presence on the conference floor - to ensure grassroots representation on hand-votes. A large delegation also means our members can build a network and solidarity with other constituency Labour party's across the country, with trade unions and activist groups - and build expertise and training within our membership seeking to build a mass, participative, democratic socialist party - and a transformational Labour government.

Please support our delegation by donating to our grassroots participation fund. Your donations will be used to ensure that Labour members who are elected as delegates to Labour conferences (in Brighton but also to our Women's, Young Labour, LGBT+, Disabled and BAME conferences) can participate without fear of exclusion because of low income or inability to pay the fees.

Help us make Labour a truly democratic and representative party - every donation, small or large will help us create a Party where no member is left behind.

9 Apr 2017

Updates from Bristol West Grassroots Participation Fund

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.