UKIP WIGAN: Putting the fight to the Labour Party in Wigan

Why you should support UKIP WIGAN

The UKIP Wigan branch are putting the fight to the Labour Party in Wigan.

For too long, they have walked all over the people of Wigan. These Labour Councillors and our Labour MP have been putting themselves first for too long and neglecting the hard working people of our once great town. They increase rent in the market, making it harder for potential business owners to start from the bottom. They increase council tax, after promising to freeze it. They increase the bin collection dates, when a clear majority of the public didn't want it.

We have had enough! The donations from this page will go to our campaigns, such as protecting the greenbelt in Wigan, cleaning up the fly-tipping sites all around Wigan, setting up our table stalls and exposing the Councillors and our Councils true colours.

Donations will also go to providing new equipment for the branch to use such as a printer, banners and potentially a UKIP Wigan Office in the town centre. All donations will help us put up a fight to the Labour party and help fund our election efforts.

On behalf of the whole branch, I thank each and every one of you for donating to our cause, we need to show the Labour party that they are no longer welcome in Wigan as they no longer feel the need to represent us, the people. So, once again, thank you all so much for every donation, no matter how big or small, every little helps.

"We are stronger as a team, than as individuals"

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7 Apr 2017

Updates from UKIP WIGAN

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.