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University of London security officers will go back on strike on 22 June for their 5th day of strike action, as the University and contractor Cordant continue to ignore our repeated requests for negotiations. As they keep their heads firmly in the sand, the anger of staff and students is only increasing. Inspired by the courage and determination of the security officers, porters and mailroom workers have also recently balloted for strike action. We expect them to vote in favour of joining the future security officers' strikes. We have also received messages of support form the Institute of Historical Research, SOAS student union, several UCU branches, film director Ken Loach and comedian Russell Brand.

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Security officers at the University of London are fighting back against zero-hours contracts and pay cuts!

The University of London's security officers will be striking for the first time ever in the next few weeks.

Security staff work long shifts, round the clock, and are here to help every day of the year: bank holidays, University closure days, even Christmas day.

They’re friendly, professional, and highly qualified. They support and protect staff and students alike in these uncertain times.

Why are they striking?

Their demands are simple:

1. No zero-hours contracts

2. Proper payslips for everyone

3. The University of London to honour its promises on pay

The University of London promised when it introduced the London Living Wage that it would maintain pay differentials.

It has completely failed to keep that promise, with the result that since 2011 security officers have seen their relative pay decline by a massive 25%

Security officers tried to resolve this by writing a petition letter to ask for the difference to be reinstated, then organised a group meeting with their managers.

The response? There will be no pay rise, and security officers’ holidays for the next two months, even ones that have been pre-booked, are being cancelled!

IWGB ran a ballot for strike among its members - the result was 100% in favour of taking strike action.

The strike will take place in the next few weeks - but every day of strike means money lost for these already low-paid workers.

Donating to the strike fund will help us compensate workers - and make it more likely that the strike will succeed!

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5 Apr 2017

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