Why you should support the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

Outsourced Staff at the University of London – many of which work over 70 hours per week to get by – will be going on strike on the 25th January to demand that they be brought back ‘in house’ to end the ongoing discrimination and two-tier workforce present at the University.

A picket will be held from 2pm at Senate House (Russell Square Entrance) and a protest will begin at 6pm at Senate House.

Sadly, for these workers going on strike means that they lose out on a day’s pay. That’s why we need your help. Your donation will allow them to be compensated for some of the pay they are docked for standing-up for equality at work. No worker should be put in the position of having to decide between standing up for their rights, and feeding their family.

Security officers, receptionists, porters, postroom workers, and cleaners organised by the IWGB have been campaigning to be brought in house since September 2017 with many some striking over pay since last spring. The university’s absolute unwillingness to listen to their legitimate grievances and negotiate has only resulted in growing anger among all university staff.

Courage shown by early strikers and organisers has resonated with staff across the University (both outsourced and directly employed staff) who, having seen the disparity in pay and conditions are joining the fight to hold the University of London to account, and to improve the lives of those they outsource.

Beholden to multiple bosses (both from the University itself, and their contractor) outsourced staff frequently find themselves caught between two managers asking for opposing work to be done. Furthermore, they receive only 1% employer pension contributions compared to their in-house colleagues who receive 13%, in addition to a host of other benefits, such as longer holiday, sick, and maternity/paternity pay.

Whilst the University hides behind a contracted company to provide these essential services, we know that the money is there to pay their workers fairly. Just look at the increase in the number of employees earning more than £100,000 per year below. It is unjust that the university should be able to pump money into executive positions based on the success they enjoy because of the hard work of outsourced workers.

Join people such as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and support these precarious workers that are on the front line of the fight for better working conditions.

5 Apr 2017

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