A New Choice for Manchester Gorton Constituency

Why you should support Kemi Abidogun

The Christian Peoples Alliance Party (CPA) are proud to support our candidate, Kemi Abidogun, in the upcoming Manchester Gorton by-election. Kemi currently pastors two churches based in the Manchester area. She also runs community outreach projects which includes a food bank and back to work schemes.

The CPA is a Christian Democratic party whose members come from all backgrounds and different church traditions. We believe that Christianity gives a vision for the whole of politics- through principles, policies, peacemaking, economic policy and ethics. Our aim is to become a beacon for Christian values wherever possible.

We are fundraising to gain the financial support we need to further enhance Kemi's election campaign. Kemi has many plans for Gorton Constituency such as:

- Tackling poverty and supporting families to stay together

- Care for the poor and the elderly

- Supporting the NHS

- Respect for life and protecting our future

- Supporting education

- Keeping Gorton clean

- Embracing Brexit

- Drug trafficking

- Immigration

- Sustainable housing

More information about these plans can be found on her website at: www.kemi-abidogun-cpa.com

Kemi works with people from all walks of life and empowers them to reach their greatest potential. She has seen the suffering and pain of the public first hand in her charity work and is passionate about fixing these problems. The CPA stands for strong religious values based upon, compassion, empowerment, respect for life and social justice, Kemi plans to effect positive change within Manchester Gorton Constituency in these areas.

Many people are unhappy with Labour. We offer them a new choice for Gorton Constituency. We believe the people of Gorton will see the CPA has the best policies for them.

Your donations will immediately help to produce more products that express Kemi's plans for the Gorton Constituency and the CPA's vision for Manchester and the UK as a whole.

Please donate to this campaign as much as you are able. All donations will go into our by-election fund.

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4 Apr 2017

Updates from Kemi Abidogun

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