George Osborne must stand down - crowdfund the Tatton challenge! #OsborneMustGo

Why you should support the #OsborneMustGo Campaign

Former Chancellor George Osborne just took yet another new job as Editor of the London Evening Standard — but he refuses to stand down as MP for Tatton.

George wants to keep his four other jobs too — earning £650,000 a year from the Wall Street firm BlackRock and even more as an after-dinner speaker, flying to the US as a Kissinger Fellow, while still proclaiming he’s the local champion of a "Northern Powerhouse".

Almost 200,000 people have signed the petition calling on George to pick a job — and in a poll this week, 57% of Tatton residents said they feel the same way. But George Osborne still refuses to budge; putting greed and self-service above the wishes of those he is elected to serve.

It would be impossible for George to effectively represent his constituents in Tatton while also editing a major national newspaper and doing four other jobs. But the only way he’ll stand down is if we make him.

With a flood of small donations from all over the country, we can confront George Osborne — and work to replace him with a real local champion as MP!

So let’s crowdfund for the #OsborneMustGo Fund, and ensure the people of this constituency are represented on something more than a very part-time basis.

I’m supporting this campaign because there is an urgent need for fairness in our democracy — and George is not in any way playing fair. He is representative of so much that is wrong with how our country is being run. His position of power and closeness to the banks, went hand-in-hand with cuts and austerity which hurt disabled people, the elderly, unwell and vulnerable. (See my blog here for more.)

George champions dangerous threats to our communities and refuses to hear our opposition on the subject of fracking, which I’ve been campaigning against for 6 years; in Lancashire he played a key role in seeing the rejection of planning for fracking sites, overturned by Westminster, neutering local democracy. As Chancellor, George and his father-in-law Lord Howell, have actively promoted shale gas drilling – despite the evidence in over 400 peer-reviewed studies calling for further research and moratoriums, countless bans across the world and the fact that England is the last place in Europe still actively pursuing this risky business.

Funds raised through this CrowdPac campaign will go into ensuring media and the electorate are aware of the aim to press George Osborne to stand down.

Starting with a local campaign in Tatton as well as online through social media — and if enough is raised, billboards, pickets outside the Evening Standard and other tactics can be used. We must expose his false claim to be able to be a great constituency MP while juggling all of his other conflicting roles. George is not Superman — and #OsborneMustGo.

Many of us feel this way, lots of people have already reached out and more help would be very welcome. The campaign is just getting started and we'll share more updates soon.

30 Mar 2017

Updates from the #OsborneMustGo Campaign

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.