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Why you should support Call for Corbyn

The Call-for-Corbyn phone canvassing app played a key part in Jeremy’s campaign this summer -- helping huge numbers of volunteers across the country to make more than 100,000 calls to voters.

The impact has been amazing, and we've learned a lot along the way - how to make the app really easy to use, how to recruit and support large numbers of users and how to engage people and build an effective online community. We've even started using responses from members to inform and improve Jeremy’s campaigns, what our priorities should be and what is and isn't working.

But this is only the start -- we want to build a digital platform to support this movement for social change and win more victories, in local community campaigns as well as nationally.

We want to develop new features such as auto-diallers to increase the number of successful calls; helping people find and publish local events; subsidised calls so lack of mobile credit doesn’t exclude people; more integration with social media, and better analysis of responses. Many more efforts will be needed to support Jeremy's leadership, win campaigns and elections and build support for a transformational Labour government.

That’s why we need your help and support: so far the app has been developed by Momentum volunteers - software developers, data scientists and community organisers. But to continue and expand on what we’ve achieved, we need to pay for software services and infrastructure, to cover staffing and phone costs, and to support an engaged, open and inclusive community building innovative technology for change.

Through Call-for-Corbyn, people from all walks of life have already been able to take part from their homes, from pop-up phone banks, during lunch breaks and commutes. Volunteers have connected with other members to canvass support, encourage votes, help people find their ballots, discuss what policies are important to them and form a network of like-minded people who want to work together to bring about change.

Please donate to the crowdfunder today -- thanks for all your support. With your help, we can build the tools our people-powered movement needs to win more and bigger victories.

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23 Sep 2016

Updates from Call for Corbyn

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.