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This crowdfunder has now ended.

Campaign update: We are really grateful for everyone who donated to our Manchester Gorton by-election campaign appeal. We successfully funded a really strong election campaign and were really getting our message through on the ground. We managed to fund a paid organiser, a campaign shop and many thousands of leaflets and letters. Of course, with Theresa May’s announcement of the General Election, the by-election was cancelled and we didn’t get to see an immediate result from all of the good work that was put in, however a lot of the money was already spent early on. The remainder of the campaign budget is continuing to be spent for the Manchester Gorton seat as we approach 8th June. In reality, the by-election was postponed by a month and the campaign is still being fought, albeit in a different way for a different election date. We are hopeful of a decent result come 8th June and a stronger Manchester Green Party. Thank you once again for your support.

Green Party of England and Wales

The Greens are the main challenger to Labour in the upcoming Manchester Gorton by-election. In the 2015 General election we came a good second, leaving the LibDems miles behind in a very poor 5th place. The Green Party also came second in the last local elections.

The Greens have an excellent candidate in Jess Mayo. There’s now a real prospect of us challenging Labour hard in this seat -- if we can raise the funds to run a strong campaign. Our initial goal is £15,000 -- please give whatever you can to the crowdfunder on this page!

Green Party MP and co-Leader Caroline Lucas said, “Gorton can make history by going Green in this election. The Tories are slashing public services. Labour are failing to stand up against an extreme Brexit, and the Lib Dems are still struggling to regain the public's trust. The Green Party offer something different - an MP standing up for the people of Gorton, not engaging in the squabbling of the other parties.”

Campaigning against hard Brexit

Manchester Gorton voted massively ‘Remain’ at the EU referendum -- and Labour have done very little to stop Theresa May’s hard Brexit. This referendum will be the first by-election since the Conservatives and Labour voted to trigger article 50.

Let’s send a message to both Labour and the Conservatives in Westminster that voters don’t want a hard Brexit. Only a strong Green Party performance in Manchester Gorton will send this message (the Lib Dems are nowhere locally)!

The by-election challenge

This campaign has just been launched by Caroline Lucas with lots of press coverage, and the by-election will be a focus of national debate. The media see this as a key test of how the Greens can perform. Our constituency campaign shop is open and the campaign team are raring to go.

The other parties have big donors and bank balances -- our campaign will be totally dependent on whatever we can crowdfund from people like you. To properly compete in this fiercely fought by-election, we need a flood of donations from people all over the country.

Please give a donation today -- any amount will help, from £1 to £1000!

Green campaigns are smart and lean -- we are people-powered and we always get the most votes for every pound we spend. But we can’t run a successful by-election campaign without your backing.

Your donations would immediately allow more high quality leaflets to be produced to deliver our powerful messages on Brexit, housing, social justice and climate change, as well as helping us ramp up our volunteer organising and social media efforts. All funds raised will go directly into our by-election fund.

So donate whatever you can today to support Jess Mayo and the Greens! Let’s send a message on Brexit, show the country the Greens are here to stay and bring more media attention to our growing and successful movement.

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15 Mar 2017

Updates from The Green Party By-Election Campaign

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