Why you should support #TakeBackControl

Since the EU Referendum in 2016, the need to Take Back Control has been at the centre of political discourse in the UK. TBC is a nationwide series of events aimed at exploring what taking back control will look like in our communities.

If Brexit has changed anything in Croydon, it is that suddenly, everyone is talking about politics. People who were previously disengaged with politics and put off by the political classes are now talking about Brexit and what it means to them, Croydon and the country as a whole.

Croydon is both a major transport hub and London's largest borough, yet the people of Croydon are under attack from the forces of rail privatisation as played out in the Southern Rail debacle. We are also in the grip of an escalating housing crisis overseen by the Minister for Housing, our MP in Croydon Central, Gavin Barwell.

Croydon as a whole voted to Remain, yet there are whole wards which voted to Leave and with a solid Labour seat in the North, a solid Tory seat in the South and a true bellwether seat in the centre, Croydon is a unique place from which to view, discuss and shape progressively a Brexit that can work for the many and not just the few.

What will #CronxTBC be like?

TBC in Croydon will be a day of discussions, debates and workshops in an inclusive and accessible space giving a platform to the grassroots voices that were too often ignored during the fractious debate around Brexit. Take Back Control will be a respectful and participatory forum for us to create a vision of a radical and transformative future in post-Brexit Britain. #CronxTBC will at its heart reflect the relationship between art, music, culture and the socio-political issues of the day.

Why we need your help

One of our aims is to make this event open to the whole community and not just to those who are already politically engaged. However, in order to achieve this we will need your help for the following reasons:

We are a group of volunteers, working with a very small budget.

We are committed to making sure TBC stays accessible for all. This means we won’t make enough money from ticket sales to cover the cost of the event.

We are paying for the expenses of many grassroots activists who are working alongside us on the day.

What the donations will be spent on:

£2000 - Would help towards venue costs. With your help, we will be able to hold #CronxTBC at TMRW Hub, which is under a year old and is a start-up at the centre of the tech and creative communities here in Croydon. Put simply, it is the perfect space for the event.

£1000 - Would help to cover such things as speakers’ and volunteers’ expenses, places in our open-all-day crèche plus costs on promotional materials both physical and online.

Please donate what you can afford, right now, and let's Take Back Control.

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22 Feb 2017

Updates from #TakeBackControl

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