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Why you should support We Can Win

Update: "Wow! Thank you for contributing more than £1,200 to this campaign. We're running a training session for volunteers and a Get out the Vote Launch event in the City of London Corporation next week.

To find out more, get involved with events and join the campaign, see our Facebook.

And please share this Crowdpac to help us reach our £5,000 goal."

Politics is broken. It’ll take all of us to fix it. We need to get big money and corporate interests out of politics.

The City of London Corporation (the Square Mile) is the worst example of this. Where banks have more votes than people, and the bigger the business, the more votes it gets.

The time is now. On March 23 the Corporation is holding elections, and we have a golden opportunity to disrupt politics as usual.

We’ll run a national campaign to oppose this disgusting, anti-democratic practice of giving business votes, and a local campaign to get residents out to vote in this election.

We know nothing will terrify them more.

Time is short - but if we pull together, people all around the country can make a difference. Will you help fund this campaign?

The story

The rich have never been richer. The world's eight richest people own as much wealth as the poorest 50%, while CEOs earn hundreds of times the living wage.

Meanwhile, most people’s wages haven’t grown. It feels like prices go up by the day, and people feel ignored by politicians.

That’s why we started We Can Win. We’re building a progressive, hopeful, powerful movement to fight back.

Politics is broken, but no one is going to fix it for us. If we want to change things, we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Who we are

We Can Win is a new organising movement launched in the summer of 2016. We began by listening to people in Doncaster and in the heart of the Square Mile.

We spoke with retired people on their doorsteps, mums and dads at the school gates and working people down the pub. We’ve discovered inspiring leaders, passionate volunteers and motivated families who, until now, had almost given up on politics.

The plan

In the run-up to the City of London Corporation Elections on 23 March we will:

  • Build a powerful national campaign that calls out the Corporation of London, raising awareness about this institution.
  • Run a local campaign to get people out to vote, powered by volunteers.

If you can help us raise £5,000 over the next two weeks, together we will be able to take our movement from the Square Mile to the rest of the country and beyond.

To learn more about We Can Win, please see our website and Facebook page.

Stretch goals

We’d love to do more. If we can raise the funds will also:

  • Launch a big visual stunt to make an impact in the City of London Corporation
  • Create an animation explaining how the Corporation works
  • Create shareable social graphics to spread the campaign on social media

Beyond this election, we’re building a movement to get big money out of politics with a powerful coalition of people. Give a small donation now on Crowdpac to power the campaign if you can - and join the movement by signing up here.

20 Feb 2017

Updates from We Can Win

As this fundraising campaign proceeds, you’ll see updates appearing here.