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As part of the One Day Without Us celebration of migrants in the UK on 20th February, migrants and allies affected by the Trump-May axis have expressed interest in closing their small, independent businesses as a form of strike. Bridges Not Walls wants to support these businesses with a solidarity fund to compensate for revenue lost through closing businesses for the day.

Please stand side by side with those taking action on the day to make their voices heard and donate to the fund

Businesses participating in the action can sign up for compensation here.

One Day Without Us is a National Day of Action to celebrate the contribution made by migrants to the UK on February 20, 2017, to coincide with UN World Day of Social Justice and the UK Parliament’s Debate on Allowing Trump an official State Visit.

Get involved. Find an event near you!

In the last two decades, immigration has become a festering toxic obsession in British politics. Year after year, men and women whose only 'crime' is to live, work and study in the UK have been vilified and stigmatised as parasites, intruders, invaders and outsiders.

Since the June referendum, migrants have come under enormous pressure. Xenophobic and racist attitudes previously lurking on the political fringes have erupted into the mainstream. Anti-immigrant hostility pours from our newspapers and from the mouths of politicians. Even children in our schools are being bullied and told to go home.

We reject the politics of hatred and division. For 24 hours, we are inviting migrants from inside and outside the European Union, and British citizens who support them, to take time out from your normal activities in order to highlight and celebrate the contribution that migrants make to British society.

One Day Without Us is a grassroots campaigns with no affiliations to any political party. In less than two months 1DWU has established a network of groups across the country organizing in their communities for February 20.

Please donate what you can. Help us make February 20 a day of unity, solidarity and celebration.

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*Any funds exceeding the combined asked amounts of all businesses will be donated to One Day Without Us.

8 Feb 2017

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