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Why you should support Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is the current Leader of the Labour Party, elected by a landslide with a 60% of the vote last September.

As a long-serving MP and life-long campaigner for equality, democracy and justice, his honesty and integrity has touched millions of people let down by out-of-touch Westminster politics.

In Hackney, we're facing the privatisation of the local Homerton Hospital pathology lab. Gentrification is taking it's toll, pushing rents up and breaking up communities as people are forced to move out in search of cheaper rent. Frontline public services are under threat across Hackney, due to funding cuts by the Tory Government.

These are but a few real, everyday issues facing local people.

They need a real alternative to this Tory Government and that's why we're supporting Jeremy Corbyn.

He’s only just getting started, and has kept going in the face of huge pressure.

Jeremy stands for a different kind of politics, a politics for all of us.

Donate here to help us re-elect Jeremy as our leader and help build this movement.

Help us now, and vote to change politics forever.

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Support from Crowdpac users

2,080 people are supporting Jeremy Corbyn on Crowdpac.

  • Adam Towns

    “why not”

  • Rhian Rainbow-Pyper

    “An honest leader with principals!”

  • Jaime Johnson

    “Im a 94% match with Jeremy Corbyn! Hoping for a revolution ”

  • jon lansman

    “His values and beliefs are very close to mine, and, as leader of the Labour Party, we agree on political strategy too.”

  • Maxine Butler

    “He is honest and sticks to his principles”

  • Anamul Islam

    “Honest politician!”

  • Jackie Ann

    “I support Jeremy Corbyn because I share his vision of hope for our country”

  • Shiloh Yates

    “He is the best person to save out country from the nasty right.”

  • graham sowter

    “He has integrity, decency and honesty”

  • Iain Woodall-Buchanan

    “It's time to create a fairer society that works for the many, not the few.”

31 Aug 2016

Updates from Jeremy Corbyn

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