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Why you should support Movement for Justice

Movement for Justice have held nine demonstrations at the notorious Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre. Each one has been bigger and more vibrant than the one before, with ex-detainees, asylum seekers, feminist and anti racist activists from around the country demonstrating right at the fences of Yarl’s Wood.

Behind the fences, the imprisoned women join the demonstrations from their rooms with handmade banners, signs, ribbons of toilet paper, their arms and legs – defying guards threats to express their rage and determination for freedom. We come together and everyone leaves feeling stronger and more determined.

These demonstrations are palpable, direct and visibly impactful acts of solidarity. They give the women inside these centres strength to continue their daily resistance to racism, sexual abuse, deportations, and inadequate mental and physical healthcare. They have also inspired a whole generation of new young activists across the country to take up the fight against detention, the brutalities and racism of the immigration system and borders.

In Yarl’s Wood 400+ women are indefinitely detained, most of whom have experienced rape, domestic violence, torture, forced marriage, sexual abuse, FGM, persecution due to sexuality. Many of whom have long and deep connections to the UK, have been here most of their lives and have all their family and friends here. Many have children; some are pregnant, elderly, disabled, sick and have mental health difficulties.

Yarl’s Wood has been exposed time after time in undercover investigations, government reports, inspectorate reports, and inquiry findings for sexual abuse/harassment by guards towards the women. Undercover footage by Channel 4 news showed the brutal, racist attitude of the guards. These demonstrations keep Yarl’s Wood on the national agenda, they make it clear that there is only one solution – SHUT IT DOWN!


As the demonstrations grow, so do the costs. Movement for Justice puts the voices and actions of ex-detainees and asylum seekers at the centre of what we do – our priority is always to get as many as possible to the demonstrations and involved in speaking out in the run up. Because of the UK Government’s Dispersal Policy, asylum seekers are redistributed and housed around the country, often to areas where they know no one and have little support.

The overwhelming majority of the costs for the demonstration are paying for these activists to come from around the country and providing sustenance on the day. We need to raise funds so that we can continue to provide that free transport and extend it to many more who want to take action against the system that has abused them.

Your money will fund coaches, train tickets, public transport costs and food/drink for the day – those who can pay, do. Your money will go towards those that can’t pay but who are the backbone and in the lead of every demonstration.

Please join us, support the detainees and donate anything you can afford right now.

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31 Aug 2016

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