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Why you should support the #StopTrump Coalition

Campaign update: We did it! With your help we raised the cash we needed for immediate action. We couldn't have done this without you. Now we're building a movement, and we need your help again.

Donald Trump’s presidency is turning out to be every bit as dangerous and divisive as we feared. The rhetoric of his campaign, and his early executive orders, have sparked a wave of fear and hatred. Those who are often already marginalised and discriminated against – particularly Muslims – have been particular targets for Trump.

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Trump directly threatens steps towards tackling climate change, fighting discrimination, inequality, peace and disarmament. At the very moment when the world needs more solidarity, more cooperation, and a greater commitment to justice, he proposes to build walls and wants to turn us against each other.

If we do not speak out then we are complicit.

Theresa May has decided to ally herself with Donald Trump's bigoted, misogynistic government. She has refused to speak out against Donald Trump's #MuslimBan - even when her own Members of Parliament are targeted. This is a matter of national shame - disgracing our country across the world.

We are dismayed and shocked by the attempt of the British government to normalise Trump’s agenda. People in Britain never voted for this. It is our duty as citizens to speak out.

We oppose this state visit to the UK and commit ourselves to one of the biggest demonstrations in British history, to make very clear to our government, and to the world, this is not in our name.

Trump’s agenda is deadly serious and we are, too.

We urgently need funds to help build this new movement, this includes:

  1. A full time member of staff to run the campaign.
  2. A major screen and stage for upcoming demonstrations.

We need your help.

Please donate whatever you can afford right now.

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On Monday 30th January, 30,000 of us in London, and thousands more across the UK, came together to demand Theresa May rescind her invitation of a State Visit to President Trump. Monday was just the beginning.

The money raised from this crowdfunder will be used to pay for the costs of stages, screens, generators, stewarding materials and other immediate costs of upcoming actions organised through the Stop Trump Coalition.

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30 Jan 2017

Updates from the #StopTrump Coalition

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