A New Urgency

It's been one year since Crowdpac arrived on the scene in the UK. Little did we know last April we were looking ahead at the most turbulent time in British politics for generations. A heated London Mayoral election, an EU Referendum battle, a summer of leadership elections, almost monthly by-elections and a snap general election, all the while Brexit bubbles under the surface. Suffice to say, Crowdpac has had a lot to work with. We're going to take a few minutes to explore some of the exciting campaigns we've been involved in over the past year.


Last year saw one million people take the Crowdpac IN or OUT EU Referendum survey. That's one million people we helped to vote-match with the Leave and Remain campaigns. Tens of thousands received our Get Out The Vote emails, providing key information on polling station location and how to vote in the run up to the referendum. Now, building on that success, we're launching a new #Election2017 survey for the General Election.

Standing for Office

From the 2016 London Mayoral elections to the summer of leadership elections, in the brief year we've been active in the UK, we've helped scores of election candidates from across the spectrum raise their exposure and help them tap into public crowdfunding.

  • In the Labour NEC elections, Luke Akehurst received nearly £4,000 crowdfunding for his bid for the Labour National Executive Committee.
  • Jeremy Corbyn and his associated campaigns raised over £20,000 in last years leadership election on Crowdpac alone.
  • Jess Mayo raised over £12,000 on Crowdpac in just three days to support her election as the Green Party candidate for Manchester Gorton.

Political urgency

The UK is undergoing an unprecedented level of turmoil in the wake of the Brexit vote. Successive by-elections have shaken the political landscape. Politics is becoming more fluid and political consciousness is rising, with this comes an increased capacity for taking action and making intervention. Urgency is a catalyst for crowdfunding.

  • Whether it's the threat of Trump making a UK state visit - Stop Trump raised £16,000 in one day on Crowdpac.
  • A spontaneous strike by gig economy workers - The Deliveroo Strike Fund raised £13,000 from almost a thousand small donations in just 3 days.
  • The threat of a Conservative landslide in the general election - Owen Jones has raised over £10,000 in one day so far.
  • Outrage at George Osborne's taking on the new Evening Standard role - £1,600 raised in a day to help unseat the man with 6 jobs.

There is now a new urgency. The next six weeks will define British politics for a generation and we're ready. Whether it's to test the electoral waters with a pledge campaign, or to build a campaign warchest to take on an incumbent MP, we're empowering more election candidates than ever, with a new suite of tools and a new, accessible approach to political crowdfunding. What are you waiting for?