Crowdpac is an open platform for political participation. We’re working to build a better democracy, and to give politics back to people.

For us, new politics has to start from the bottom-up. That means empowering every citizen to make up their own minds: to learn more about their political choices, to back the campaigns they agree with and to cast well-informed votes.

As individuals, we don’t pretend to be neutral. The co-founders and team at Crowdpac all have strong opinions on politics. We come from the left, the right and the centre; we disagree on many things, our positions aren’t always predictable, and we aren’t afraid to say what we think.

Crowdpac’s co-founder and CEO Steve Hilton is “Out” and strongly championing a leave vote in the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. Meanwhile another of our co-founders, chief international officer Paul Hilder – who oversees Crowdpac in the UK – is “In” and actively supporting a remain vote.

We all agree that the British public have been poorly served by the official campaigns so far. We are working together to make sure that every voter can weigh up the strongest arguments on each side, make up their mind and make a plan to vote. And we want a large majority of the electorate to turn out and make their voices heard in this crucial and historic referendum.

We believe the diversity of opinions on our team helps us to build the best objective tools and to get people and campaigns from many different perspectives involved via Crowdpac. We think that the new politics should be open and authentic – so we’ll continue to be open about our team’s contrasting positions.

But we believe that in the end, what you all think is far more important than our own individual positions. That’s why Crowdpac is designed as a bottom-up platform that gives politics back to people -- through objective data and voter information, crowdfunding campaigns and making it easier for more people to stand for office.

We believe in empowering everyone to better understand the facts and consider the arguments, and to give small donations to campaigns with which they agree. And we’re working to break the grip a small elite of politicians, media elites and big donors currently have on our public life.

Our team has decades of experience on the inside and outside of politics, as well as in technology and data science. But in building this platform together, we’re putting that experience and expertise at the service of you, the citizen, the voter.

We want to help build a democracy that works better for you -- and that’s the one thing we all agree on. So get involved: try out the tools, and let us know what you think!