This is the new politics.

Crowdpac is the new platform for a better democracy. Our mission is to give politics back to people.

Politics today seems increasingly broken. There are so many people who feel disillusioned or unsure who to vote for. In the age of the internet, parties are struggling. Big money, corrupt powerbrokers and vested interests seem to have too much power. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We launched our UK public beta service in April 2016, and are developing the platform in response to user feedback.

We want to boost political engagement in three crucial ways:

Giving you the best objective information about politicians, elections and issues. Our data-driven approach, based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Crowdpac co-founder, Stanford University’s Adam Bonica, cuts through the spin and propaganda to help you become a better-informed voter.

Enabling you to fund the political change you want to see. We are the first crowdfunding platform designed exclusively for political action. You can already donate to a wide range of political, candidate and issue campaigns in the UK. You can also pledge donations to some candidates, and even create crowdfunding campaigns for them.

Making it easier for you to stand for office. We want to break down the barriers to political participation and break the stranglehold of the big party machines. By making it easy for anyone to raise money for a campaign, we are helping people right across the spectrum stand for office, at both local and national level, as well as supporting new and more independent-minded candidates.



Crowdpac's unique data model maps candidates objectively across the ideological spectrum. We’re starting in the UK with a new political matchmaker service, helping you compare your own political views with those of national figures, London mayoral candidates - even your Facebook friends. We will soon be launching other services, including stand-for-office tools and a tool for EU referendum voters.

If we open up politics and get many more people involved, we can level the playing field and build a healthier democracy. Equipped with better tools and information, individuals coming together can beat big donor money with a flood of informed votes and small donations. We believe a new politics will make decision-making more accountable, more legitimate, and better for everyone.

Crowdpac’s co-founders come from across the political spectrum. Three of us are of British origin, and we are inspired by a shared belief in new politics. You can learn more about our team here



Crowdpac maps political candidates and organisations on an overall ideological spectrum. In the US, our algorithms are based on analysis of publicly available campaign contribution information, Congressional votes, text analysis and many other inputs. Our data science team has analysed a rich base of political data for the UK and created a unique British political algorithm, which is based on a range of sources including social network analysis of Twitter followings and textual analysis of key speeches. We have discovered consistent and informative patterns in this data.

Our UK Political Matchmaker focuses initially on two political spectrums: the economic dimension (from left to right), and the social dimension (from liberty to authority). Crowdpac users then answer a series of questions to establish their own position, using a process informed by a wide range of academic research on political positions and values. Our algorithm locates users on both spectrums, based on the nature, consistency and intensity of their responses.

To complement our objective data-driven analysis, we are also inviting politicians to take the test themselves and share their own views publicly. Stay tuned!

You can find a more detailed academic explanation of our foundational data model in the US, including a paper prepared by co-founder Adam Bonica, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, here:



Donations on Crowdpac are processed by the leading online payment gateway, Stripe. At present Crowdpac charges a total fee of 5% on all campaigns. Circa 3% of this fee goes to Stripe to cover payment processing and card fees, and the remainder goes to support Crowdpac's platform and operations. This fee is significantly less than what most other crowdfunding platforms charge. Pledged donations that do not convert to donations incur no fee from anyone.

You can also pledge to donate to some candidates or campaigns on Crowdpac. You will only be charged if the candidate or campaign accepts donations, and only candidates who have officially declared they are running can accept donations on Crowdpac.